Solution Nr. 1

In our solution we combine the features of several systems and deliver them within the best execution

Transport Management System (TMS)

Field Service Management (FSM)

Mobile Workforce Management (MWM)

Car Fleet Management (CFM)

Salesforce Automation (SFA)

Yard Management System (YMS)

Organisation and Control

Management of thousands of services and control of resources for their implementation

Optimisation and Efficiency

Speed and Quality of Service

Monitoring of the correctness of implemented services and automatic alerts

For Whom?

Service providers, Distributors, Manufacturers

Comprehensive support

We advise, plan, optimise and implement modern tools to support your business processes

The version of SOTiPM integrated with BDO

SOTIPM – one of the most advanced and comprehensive ERP/TMS+ systems for in-house transport and subcontractor management

Effective transport management is a major challenge, even for experienced entrepreneurs - transport company owners and employees. The applications that make up SOTIPM are comprehensive solutions that will help you save time and make selling, order handling and organising your work easier than ever before! Optimising your company's processes will enable you to manage transport or other tasks more efficiently.

The system for handling transport and mobile workers has a number of different functionalities, e.g. improving transport management, enabling route planning and optimisation, and streamlining service delivery.

Explore the full system architecture.

Functionality characteristics

  • Scheduling, optimisation, routing, billing of transport orders.
  • Real-time monitoring of order fulfilment (handling delays, unplanned events).
  • Resource management including vehicles, drivers, mobile workers, warehouse management.
  • Operation handling:
    • on site - YMS notification, weighing, unloading/loading, storage, disposal
    • in the field - transport, delivery, collection, on-site services
    • in the office – Customer Service Centre, financial department (automatic invoicing), technical department, transport and services logistics
  • Automation of settlements with contractors:
    • invoicing of services provided,
    • invitation to invoice subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Yard Management System with auto-notification of deliveries.
  • Handling the circulation of documents related to the processes carried out.
  • Dedicated applications for different user groups: for dispatchers, logistics managers, drivers and service subcontractors.
  • Reporting of costs and key KPIs for the logistics services provided.
  • SOTIPM is a fully customisable environment that enables rapid adaptation to even the most demanding business:

  • Full implementation – analysis, process preparation, implementation, commissioning, supervision, operational support, updating and development.
  • A finished product from which you choose the components that are relevant to you (2 desktop apps, 4 web apps, 6 mobile apps).
  • Agile implementation methodology (baseline system from the start of implementation).
  • Easy and quick configuration and adaptation to your processes as part of the implementation.
  • In-house, renowned runtime environment (Microsoft), full support of the runtime environment and supply of equipment for the project.
  • Possibility of one-off purchase or rental of a licence.
  • SOTIPM is integrable with key ERP systems and other IT solutions and technologies.

  • Comprehensive integration with ERP and your field systems.
  • Other integrations: scales, vehicle telematics, RFID systems, RCP systems, fuel cards, terminals, GPS location technology, transport exchanges, sensors...
  • Dedicated modules for specialised transport: waste (BDO), fuels (SENT), hazardous waste.
  • Full system architecture - application capabilities

    Explore the application possibilities of the SOTiPM application for different industries. Choose a state-of-the-art, complete and scalable multiplatform solution (which is not offered by the competition)!

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    The course of system-supported processes

    See our video:

    SOTiPM is a powerful functionality in one system, it will support your activities in business areas:

    TMS (Transport Management System)
    • Route planning and optimisation
    • POI support
    • Planning and implementation of services
    • GPS
    FSM (Field Service Management)
  • Management of field services
  • Scheduling and implementation
  • MWM
    MWM (mobile workforce management)
  • management of tasks, statuses and document workflow,
  • working time and billing
  • SFA and Commerce
    SFA (salesforce automation) and Commerce
  • Orders and sales
  • Preselling/vanselling
  • Controlling the work of field representatives
  • CFM
    CFM (car fleet management)
  • Vehicles (handover, damage)
  • Release to service
  • Costs
  • YMS
    YMS (Yard Management System)
  • Traffic management in the yard
  • Prenotifications
  • Auto-notifications
  • Allocation and booking of ramps and other on-site resources
  • RTM
    RTM (real time monitoring)
  • Configurable alerting
  • Delays, unscheduled stops, corridor departures
  • Execution trend on the day
  • CS
    CS (customer service)
  • Notifications, orders and statuses
  • Settlements
  • Complaints and returns
  • Dynamic ETA
  • CRM and Workflow
    CRM and Workflow
  • Optimisation and personalisation of commercial processes
  • Automation of customer communication
  • Customer relationship history
  • Task planning and resource reservation
  • DMS and BPM
    DMS (document management system), BPM (business process management), BPMS (Business Process Management System)
  • Configuring and reflecting processes
  • Paperless workflow
  • BI
    BI (business intelligence)
  • Manager's cockpit
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Automatic reports
  • INV and Billing
    INV (invoicing) and Billing
  • Customer invoices and billing
  • Debt collection
  • Warehouse operation
  • Order processing and sales
  • Savings calculator

    see how many benefits our system brings
    Number of vehicles (Teams)
    Number of locations visited per day by ONE vehicle (Team)
    Number of kilometres travelled per day by ONE vehicle (Team)
    The calculator is used to calculate an approximate sum of your savings based on our implementation experience.
    The values given are indicative.

    1 monththat's how quickly we can implement an industry SOTiPM solution for you

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