Traffic management in yards

Optimisation of yard traffic
Reduced waiting time for bringing the vehicle.
Reducing loading and unloading times.
Accountability of transport and storage activities

YMS (Yard Management System) records and controls the movement of vehicles on the company site

shows planned entry notifications based on SOTiPM route orders
manages the car park and the gatehouse through entry-exit records
registers and controls the movement of vehicles on the basis of a target with assigned driver instructions
coordinates waiting times and access to storage ramps and other pre-unloading/loading activities
uenables direct communication between the driver, gatekeeper and warehouseman
records the history of activities carried out on company premises for reporting purposes

Elements of the Solution:

  • SOTiPM Mobile and SOTiPM Mobile Manager are mobile applications installed on devices running the Android operating system.
  • The driver as the notifier uses SOTiPM Mobile and the warehouse manager as the acceptor uses SOTiPM Mobile Manager.
  • In the absence of a mobile app installed by the driver, the notification can be carried out by the gatekeeper using SOTGate.
  • Current preview visible in the notification web panel.
  • Possibility of SMS notification.

Application Web Panel

Examplary assumptions of an advisory panel for a warehouse manager:

  • creen divided into 4 panels:
    • A) It will be within 3 hours (order not yet notified),
    • B) Waiting for approval in front of the yard (already notified),
    • C) Waiting for acceptance in the yard (without an allocated ramp or performing unloading, washing or cooling actions),
    • D) During loading (confirmation of the start of loading by the Warehouseman in his mobile application).
  • The tile of the panel contains: notification no., assigned ramp, order no., registration no., driver, route direction (code/name of the first POI), time remaining until the planned loading.
  • Ramp designations: R-1 (Unloading) M-1, M-2 (Washing) Z-1, Z-2, Z-3, Z-4 (Loading).

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