For whom?

You are looking for a tool to organise the processes involving:

Own transport
Deliveries and field services
External transport management
Transport and waste management
Support to mobile sales representatives
Yard and warehouse management

SOTiPM has specialised functionality for the following industries:

Collection, transport and disposal of waste
Collection, transport and disposal of waste
  • Medical
  • Veterinary
  • Food
  • Industrial
  • Communal
  • Construction
Distribution of goods, deliveries, collections from customers.
Distribution of goods, deliveries, collections from customers.
  • Deliveries with and without transshipment
  • Support for multiple production sites and distribution centres
  • Customer pick-ups/zoning of services.
Service and maintenance of equipment and infrastructure
Service and maintenance of equipment and infrastructure
  • Periodic inspection of machinery and infrastructure
  • Troubleshooting and commissioned repairs of equipment
Rental of equipment and facilities
Rental of equipment and facilities
  • Rental of plant and equipment
  • Notifications and interim agreements
  • Service of rented equipment
On-site services
On-site services
  • Checks
  • Cleaning
  • Cyclical services
  • Survey
Merchandising and Field Sales
Merchandising and Field Sales
  • Offers and contracts
  • Planning
  • Creation of orders
Transport of livestock and fodder
Transport of livestock and fodder
  • control of transport conditions
  • temperature
  • driver's driving technique
  • records of handover processes
Tanker transport
Tanker transport
  • fuels
  • adblue
  • gas

System for departmental staff

Sales and customer service department
Transport and logistics department
Storage department
Finance department
Controlling department
Management Board


Route. Day plan and optimised route with all contact information.

Warehouse. Loading and unloading from the driver's warehouse with scanning of the carrier or document number.

Documents. Ability to create and print documents in a mobile way or scan paper documents.

Communication. Events, delays, schedule changes.


Customers. Complete information about the trader's customers, essential financial information and event history.

Route. Planning of visits according to target groups, statuses and customer scoring. Route optimisation.

Meetings. Meeting notes, survey, delegation of tasks.

Visit. Offering, Creation of Contracts and Orders.

Calendar. Tasks, ToDo, private section.

Objectives. Monitoring the achievement of the daily, weekly, monthly target.

Reporting. Automatic activity reporting.

Service technicians

Customers. Purchased equipment. Repair history.

Warehouse. Spare parts, availability control in the main warehouse, orders.

Repairs. Service manuals and operation and maintenance documentation.

Tasks. Planning of recurrent reviews, delegation of tasks to others.

Knowledge base. Access to a central knowledge base.

Documentation. Repair protocols. Evidence of parts release.


Respondent base.

Survey. Selection of survey variants. Dynamic survey structure. Calculation of scores.

Objectives. Number and completeness of questionnaires.


Order. Route order with waybills.

Release. Releasing parcels combined with label scanning and waybill control.

Collection. Registration of payments to letters (cash register receipt).

Medical representative

Targeting. Target and group the doctors you will be working with.

Doctors database. Visit based on speciality and place of work.

Optimised routes. Reach more doctors through route optimisation.

Research. Check prescriptive and behavioural profile.

Presentations. Use materials tailored to the doctor's profile. Measure engagement and response to the message with surveys.

Sample records. Review batch, expiry date, packaging and other characteristics of entrusted samples. Record and settle releases.

Quality controller

Plan of the day. List of POIs, scope of service, contact persons, itinerary.

Controls. Parameterised dynamic checklists. Recursive actions.

Documents. Issuance of documents and their printing - post-inspection protocols.

Pharmaceutical representative

Planning visits. Visit clients you haven't visited for 7 days, for example, or who are nearby or in the locality you are going to.

Ordering. Order not only for a single point, but also for a network of pharmacies.

Promotions. Sell on promotions, include bonuses and control the implementation of contractual rules.

Exposure control. Planogram. Shelf analysis. Photo documentation.

Promotions and discount thresholds. Offer promotions, knowing that the benefits will accrue on their own when you place your order.

Reports. Monitor the implementation of your plan.

Customer service manager:

Customers. Status of task completion by contractor.

Complaints. Complaint notifications and their processing status.

Offers. Offers to be made and other statuses resulting from the funnel.

Contracts. Creation of contracts from offers.

Employees. Where they are - locating employees.

Alerts. Notifications of service irregularities.

Transport department manager:

Orders. Dashboard with orders for the selected day, their live status, details.

Drivers. Dashboard with information about drivers and the tasks they carry out.

Vehicles. StatusStatus of vehicles

Events. Traffic and other incidents.

Alerts. Notifications of irregularities in scheduled tasks and the status of drivers and vehicles.

Sales manager:

Customers. Leads, prospects, funnel fill status by merchant.

Tasks. Status of tasks on a daily and weekly basis.

Reports. Automatic operational reports from all traders.

Objectives. Monitoring the achievement of targets for individual traders and the department.

Alerts. Notifications of service irregularities.

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