How we implement?

We are a technology partner who leads the project comprehensively

From concept
to commissioning

We use state-of-the-art technologies for the identification of products, copies, batches, media or storage locations using 1 and 2D barcodes and RFID supporting AutoID technologies.

In addition to supplying and commissioning the environment, we carry out system administration and provide user support. We ensure the smooth maintenance of applications and infrastructure on a 24/7 basis. We are able to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers by supporting their business processes with a guaranteed SLA.

We offer you complete solutions including:


Selection of technologies and solutions


Delivery and implementation of software


Delivery and commissioning of equipment


Rental or delivery of complete infrastructure to support the solution.







Hire of a runtime environment

database and application servers in a data center

Service in the XaaS model - everything as a service:

rental of SOTiPM licence
rental of infrastructure with system administration
supply of mobile devices for users
supply of GPS solution
in-service support for the SOTiPM solution

SaaS model service - software as a service:

rental of SOTiPM licence
rental of infrastructure with system administration
in-service support for the SOTiPM solution

Operational support:

24-hour environmental monitoring and maintenance
A complete service tailored to the requirements of the solution

Mobile devices

A wireless network is an essential part of the infrastructure of warehouses and production facilities. The production and warehouse environment makes special demands: difficult conditions for radio wave propagation, the need to support data exchange in applications with minimal latency, a large area to be wired, many buildings, and a vast area to be covered. When designing the solution, many aspects must be taken into account, such as: the materials used to build the warehouse, the design and layout of the warehouse racks, the type of goods stored in each location, the stocking status of the warehouse. The installation must take into account many changing factors and have redundancy provisions to ensure scaling of capacity and coverage.

The reliability and dependability of the wireless network will ensure the smooth running of storage and production processes and guarantee data security.

In addition to the design of the installation, we supply all components such as controllers, switches, access points and antennas. We assemble and configure the whole system, and then provide monitoring and service care.

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IT company. 22 years in the market. Specialising in IT for business.

Continuous competence development and cross-sector experience in the production, integration, implementation and maintenance of IT solutions for Medium-sized Enterprises.

Competent, operative, effective. Check us out.

We provide solutions for your success.

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