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Car Fleet Management helps to determine the profitability of orders, the costs generated by vehicles, their location and their optimal use. Currently, most companies have company cars. However, it is mainly companies in the logistics and transport sectors that have an extensive fleet of vehicles.

Regardless of the size of your vehicle fleet, managing your car fleet is just as important. For at least several reasons. Running a business and disposing of vehicles is a major challenge, from an organisational as well as a financial point of view. Mistaken actions, taking unprofitable orders, can bring many negative consequences. However, fleet management is about much more than reducing transport-related costs.

Fleet management - what does it involve?

Fleet management is primarily about controlling the work of the driver and also supervising the vehicles. In the case of an extensive fleet, comprising many vehicles and cars, managing them is a difficult and, above all, extremely time-consuming task.

Tasks carried out as part of fleet management:

Verification of route and car data - Car Fleet Management makes it possible to check route mileage, journey times, fuel consumption
checking and supervising the maintenance costs of the vehicle fleet, among other things related to their operation
planning of vehicle-related activities - e.g. servicing, insurance payment deadlines
assignment of a particular vehicle to a particular driver
tracking of fuel surcharges

Fleet management involves a wide variety of activities, so the offer is tailored to the individual needs of the client in question.

Why manage a fleet of vehicles?

Managing a fleet of vehicles in order to control and obtain current information on the location of the vehicle is an essential task for transport companies. This makes it possible to effectively manage the entire company, as well as to efficiently determine the fulfilment of further orders acquired.

It should be noted that Car Fleet Management provides a lot of important information from which to analyse which assignments for the company are the most profitable, what needs to be done to reduce costs incurred and to increase driver safety.

A solution that should appeal to your business is fleet management. Whether you run a large company or a small, family-run business.

Car Fleet Management benefits

better organisation of work: the information obtained will allow optimisation of company processes and a reduction in empty mileage when the vehicle is not carrying out any order
control before and during transport, possibility to check the location of the vehicle
control of the driver's working time
cost verification, the possibility of optimising costs through thorough analysis
streamlining the document flow

ZThere are many benefits to fleet management, and reducing costs and optimising operations is an incredible opportunity for further growth.

Raising awareness of the costs incurred

In any industry, analysing the costs incurred and then seeking to reduce them plays an extremely important role, as it allows the business result to be improved. Fleet management makes it possible to identify the costs incurred with relative precision and, consequently, to verify them.

In a transport company, one of the costs incurred is the purchase of fuel. Determining the fuel consumption of a particular vehicle makes it possible to determine the profitability of an order. A seemingly attractive rate, in practice, may turn out to be low and the order on the brink ofprofitability.

Fleet management - the difference between income and profits

Can a vehicle that generates less revenue generate more profit? Contrary to appearances, the answer is most definitely yes. It is fleet management that makes it possible to determine the margins of specific vehicles at a given time.

Optimising vehicle costs is possible through careful analysis.

Possibility to take care of all formalities

Managing a fleet of vehicles involves a lot of paperwork related to payments, inspections, fire extinguisher test expiry dates, periodic driver examinations.

Remembering all deadlines, especially when a company has a large fleet of vehicles, is a major challenge. Even the systematic preparation of analyses in Excel or another notebook does not guarantee that all formalities will be taken care of. This is precisely where a fleet management system is best suited. After all, any negligence and missed deadlines can lead to heavy penalties, so it is worth taking care of all the formalities.

Minimising empty runs

Many business owners face the problem of empty mileage, i.e. the failure to complete a particular order within a certain timeframe. Is it possible to minimise the number of empty runs? Absolutely yes! Fleet management is the way to do this.

Knowing the exact location of the vehicles and the loading plan makes it possible to find further loads efficiently and then distribute them among specific vehicles.

There are many benefits to implementing a fleet management system - importantly, it saves time, provides vital information needed to analyse the profitability of ongoing orders, and improves the business bottom line.

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